National Entrepreneurs Day- Taking a Deeper Look into the Brain of an Entrepreneur

by Deanna Sornberger
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Entrepreneurs are the foundation of our country and society. Unfortunately for the first time in a while, there are fewer businesses starting than are dying. We want to help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed, so in honor of National Entrepreneurs Day on November 20th, we have decided to take a deeper look into the hard wiring of an entrepreneur’s brain.

A question many people wonder is “are entrepreneur’s brains wired differently than an average person’s brain?” Many people have referred to the concept of people using their left and right brain when they are trying to solve a problem. Some studies suggest that the entrepreneur’s brain uses the right side, which is considered the creative side, while others use the left side that is used more for logical thinking.

Why would an entrepreneur approach a situation differently? What makes them solve this problem differently? How did they know to make that connection? Dopamine is a chemical that provides the brain with creativity, and the interest in seeking out to discover and achieve new goals. Dopamine is released into the brain when you make a new connection that can enrich your future or create a new opportunity for you. The difference between an entrepreneur’s brain releasing dopamine and the average brain releasing it is recognition on when and why it was released.

They say an entrepreneur will look at the same type of information as an average person, but will see something very different which allows them to approach life with a completely different view. An entrepreneur has the ability to recognize new opportunities without the doubt; this is due to the recognition of their high active dopamine levels. Once the average brain begins to identify the activity levels of their dopamine systems, they will begin to see an increase in thinking, creating and achieving new things.

From the wheel to the commercial jet, and the taco to the microchip, radical inventions by brilliant minds have shaped the way we live today, along with our future. Since its inauguration in 2010, National Entrepreneur’s Day is an annual event that honors those men and women who have built an empire from absolutely nothing, most of them becoming rather wealthy in the process as well. Supporters of National Entrepreneurs’ Day started a campaign for the holiday official through legislation. It is informally celebrated every year on the third Tuesday in Nov.




Deanna Sornberger

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