The Hack to Sobriety? Find Recovery.

by Jason Hyland
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So, you want to stay sober? That is fantastic. But how far are you willing to go with your sobriety. Do you simply want to just stop the physical act of drinking or drugging? If so, kudos to you, that is a very commendable and healthy act that your body is going to thank you for many times over for years to come. But as healthy as we may look and feel once we become booze free, there is a part of us all that is far more crucial to extending our time on this beautiful earth. This, of course, is the mental side of a life without substances, where sobriety turns into Recovery.

So now you’re probably asking yourself, how do I do it? It is actually quite simple. You put in the work. And lots of it. The work starts right when you wake up and continues through the entirety of the day until your head hits the pillow. You press repeat the following morning. Each day is filled with endless amounts of effort that’s meant to help us live our best lives. It sounds like a lot of work, huh? It is, but it is worth every drip of sweat and every last ounce of tears. A life in recovery is worth all of everything.

“Well, what about the short-cuts? There must be some sort of tricks. Recovery sounds like too much work for me, I don’t have the time.”

Sorry buddy, there are no cheat codes when we are talking about life or death.  We’re not looking to find the latest and greatest weapon on Fort Nite. We are trying to live our lives as best we can because we know luck isn’t on the side of the addict in the battle versus the disease. However, what I am going to tell you will help your transition from your new physically sober life ultimately into living the life you deserve in Recovery. Each of these hacks has thus far led me to over 740 straight nights going to bed a little bit closer than I was yesterday to a life I never knew existed while abusing substances. Least I remind you of the ramifications if you begin to seek short cuts and detours in Recovery.

Hack #1 – There is no wrong way to getting sober if you are refraining from drugs or alcohol, other than continuing to use. Do NOT under any circumstances listen to someone telling you that you are “doing it wrong” just because you are staying sober a different way than they are. There are far too many zany individuals who think sobriety and Recovery can only be achieved a certain way and that is 100{44c8773cfc5435cd81ad20e0c4d9124b8149e87e023df21bb722cbe5a8d7cc51} a farce. This is the beauty of Recovery. There are an infinite amount of ways to find yourself living a healthy life in all aspects; mind, body, and soul.

Hack #2 – YOU are what matters most because without you there is nothing. Focusing on bettering yourself is the most selfless act one can choose. By putting yourself first you are building up the best possible YOU for all those around you, so don’t listen to anyone saying you are being selfish by taking care of #1 first. They will eventually appreciate all the time you are spending bettering yourself and if they don’t, that is okay. You don’t want those type of people in your life anyways. Remember, to put on your oxygen mask first so you can be of best service to those around you.

Hack #3 – Reshift your thinking. This is where you really begin to separate those who want to get sober and the individuals who are committed to doing whatever it takes to make the necessary changes to live a happy fulfilling life in Recovery. When we are abusing drugs and or alcohol there is little if any self-esteem. We create an abundance of mental barriers as to why we don’t deserve anything in life, about how we are not good enough, and worst of all we create the barrier that this is it, life doesn’t get any better than this. Reshifting our thinking is the only way we can overcome these fictitious obstacles and it is much easier said than done.

There are a myriad of ways that help us to reshift our thinking, beginning with emptying out our thoughts. We need to expunge all the unnecessary clutter that has kept our brain consumed in a dense fog. The clutter that is filling our minds consists of endless amounts of negative self-talk, a key to reshifting our thinking. Follow the Golden Rule; do not say to yourself that which you would not say to others. Pretty simple and self-explanatory.

*Hack #3 is so powerful and diverse that it deserves its own entire article, so do stay tuned on a future piece coming soon.

Well, there you have it, my three essential hacks needed to begin living a life in Recovery that is second to none, free of the substances that controlled your every move in life up to this point. Maybe for some of you, alcohol and drugs weren’t in charge of your daily living like me, but you knew change was necessary for you to live the life you had always dreamt of, but never saw as attainable. Whatever the case may be, if you seek a life full of serenity and abundance, then these are three hacks that will get you well on your way.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to overcoming addiction. What works for you is ALL that matters. Everyone’s journey is different, only you know what is working and what isn’t. You will receive dozens of suggestions from those who say they are trying to help you, but anyone telling you to do something aren’t there to help. They are only seeking some form of satisfaction or gratification, looking to live vicariously through other’s successes because they are too scared to face their own problems. Those are the very individuals that you will be able to help in the end as you continue to build up your best self; mind, body, and soul. Recovery gives you limitless potential, as long as you keep the main focus on bettering yourself then you will be able to assist others in doing the same.

The journey is going to be full of massive difficulties, lots of trial and error, and never-ending chatter from those trying to hold you back or telling you that you can’t. Ignore the noise. What matters most is what YOU think, and you will be already ahead of the game by working on reshifting your thinking. You will need to unearth some traumas that will cause tremendous pain, making you want to run right back to the bottle. But trust me, it is NOT worth it. You CAN do this, and you WILL do this.

Recovery is worth it. Recovery is possible. These hacks will help guide you in finding the beautiful life in Recovery that you deserve!

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