Top 5 Household Items That Kill Memory!

by Dave Farrow

1 – Household Cleaners

Make sure to read the labels on your cleaning products and keep them out of reach of children. Many heavy duty cleaners have toxins that kill brain cells and memory so wear a mask and gloves, or use an environmentally friendly cleaner. Particularly some people have inhaled dangerous gas by combining different cleaners together. This is really easy to do and has killed.


2 – Lead or Lead Paint
You may think lead is only in old paint but many consumer watchdogs have found lead paint used today in products from china where the regulations are not as strict or enforced. Homes often have layers of old lead-based paint on the walls and it’s well known that lead is dangerous and kills memory. But eating paint isn’t the only way to be exposed to lead. Lead is also found in some venetian blinds made of aluminum.  Dust that collects from these blinds or that old paint can be just as harmful when ingested or breathed in, so just sitting in the same room can kill your brain! And products from China could contain lead or other harmful toxins. So wear a mask when you dust, remove the old blinds and be aware of consumer reports.


3 – Acetone / Nail Polish Remover

nail polish







Have you ever been in a nail salon and gotten a headache?  Acetone, commonly known as nail polish remover, is harmful to your brain and memory.  If you work in a nail salon or do your nails frequently, make sure to wear a mask or work in a well ventilated area.


4 – Electronics and Ozone Build-Up






If you’ve ever used a laptop too long, you may have felt it overheat and emit a funny burning smell.  This is ozone.  Ozone is a type of gas that is colorless, reactive, and has a strong scent.  It’s found in the upper atmosphere but it is also produced by electronics such as laser printers, photocopiers, air purifiers and other electronics if a spark is lit.  If you inhale ozone it can cause damage to your lungs.  The less oxygen your lungs give to the brain, the more damage to your brain and memory.  So take a walk away from electronics and get a breath of fresh air.


5 – The Couch






Whether you are sitting at the computer too long or on the couch at the TV, sitting around being lazy is the most common way to kill brain cells and memory.  Your body and brain are connected.  When you exercise your body, and get your heart pumping, it sends more oxygen to your brain as well.  Your brain needs oxygen to function so stop being lazy and get outside.  You don’t have to run a marathon.  Even walking outside in the fresh air will do the trick.  So take a walk, get moving, and your brain will thank you for it.  Also, mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise.  If you read this blog, you’re likely a customer of ours and already have a memory program, so get off your coach and start exercising your brain!


Dave Farrow

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Sean April 23, 2015 - 3:45 pm

Are there any vitamins, or anything else that can improve memory?

andrea May 13, 2015 - 7:25 pm

It will not hurt to take a vitamin or supplement if your diet is lacking in some nutrients. Just try your best to eat well and get some of your daily nutrients right from the source, from food, instead of relying only on vitamins.


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