Key to Managing Holiday Stress: Prioritize a Balanced Brain

by Lee Gerdes
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Are the holidays really “the most wonderful time of the year?” For some, the invasion of holiday-themed tunes, store displays, and the anticipation of family time also coincides with an increase in stress and stress-related health issues. Many people have difficulty coping and managing stress especially around the holidays.
However, it is possible to manage all this stress by making your brain health a priority. Assuring that your brain is balanced is the first step to appropriately managing external stressors. Our brain’s left and right hemispheres constantly communicate with each other, and to function optimally, both sides of the brain must be balanced. Outside stress can erode the brain’s natural abilities to do this, resulting in a compromised brain unable to think clearly, relax, or manage stress.
We usually see two responses with an imbalanced brain due to stress. Some outside stress is overwhelming and can produce a left-side brain imbalance or dominance, known as the “freeze” response, which numbs us (so we don’t “feel” the situation as much), slowing the brain’s response. On the other hand, some outside stress stimulates us to fight or run from a stressful situation. This produces a right-side brain dominance, or “fight-or-flight” response where the brain steps on the gas to create a go-go-go reaction.
Can you imagine how you might react if your brain is in either of these states when holiday tasks increase exponentially, your family starts arriving for the holidays, or your children begin acting out?

Here are several tips and strategies for maintaining a balanced brain this holiday season:

  • Breathe deeply. When we are stressed, we tend to hold or restrict our breath, limiting the brain’s supply of oxygen. If you find yourself in a stressed state, focus on long breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Spend time outdoors. Just sitting quietly watching and listening to nature can be helpful. As little as 20 minutes in nature can help reset your brain, especially from over exposure to the phone, computer, television screens or those demanding your time and attention.
  • Stay hydrated. Especially if you are indulging in festive cocktails and beverages, it is important to drink enough water to stay well hydrated. Our brain cells depend on proper hydration to function at full efficiency.

The well being of your brain is key to ensuring your holiday season is, in fact, the most wonderful time of the year rather than the most dreaded. Take care of your brain and you will be well positioned to handle any stress that comes your way so you’re able to fully enjoy your holiday season.

For those that might need a bit more assistance to destress, Cereset offers a non-invasive and safe technology that helps re-balance the stressed brain naturally. In each patented BrainEcho session, your brain hears its own brainwaves which have been translated into audio tones. By “seeing” its own reflection in real-time through the sound echoes, the brain can fully relax and reset itself to its natural balance becoming unstuck from a stressed state.
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