It’s Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month!

by Sandra McDevitt
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For kids and adults, after learning more about managing emotions. 

Educators around the world are realizing that a civilized education needs to include a psychological component, and many have added it to their curriculum with great success.  Psychologists now consider social/emotional learning essential for kids’ health and well-being, as well as credibility and success in life. Thus, few subjects matter more than grasping the emotional components of healthy mind development.

Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month provides an opportunity for highlighting the value of understanding our emotions. Nature influences emotions more easily than we realize, particularly when we are not aware of such influence or ways to avoid it. Acquiring a healthy mind depends on us to nurture EQ understanding, and to investigate our own thoughts and behaviors. Such action helps us reduce poor practices and instead, increase and fortify healthier ones. Overall, it assures better health, relationships, and a more meaningful life.

The Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month is an International campaign effort, initiated each year by the Emotional Intelligence Institute (EII), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth and adults about emotional intelligence. Learn these important skills at the Institute’s website,, where you will find over 200 pages of FREE lessons and campaign materials for both adults and youths.

 *Searching for the number of hidden hearts in the picture above is similar for searching ways that emotions influence how we think, communicate, and act. Sometimes we must look more closely to see clearly.  

Please help others become more aware. Copy and share this with those in key positions and post where legal.

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