Brain Hacks to Land Your Ideal Job

by Merrick Rosenberg
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Use the Four Personality Styles During Your Interview
In my book, The Chameleon, I linked the four personality styles to four birds to make DISC brain friendly. They include:
– Eagles: assertive, driven, & direct
– Parrots: enthusiastic, talkative, & upbeat
– Doves: compassionate, helpful, & harmonious
– Owls:  accurate, logical, & inquisitive
While each of us is a combination of these four styles, there is likely to be one or two that drive our needs, motivators, and fears. These styles determine the type of environment in which you will thrive and the kind of manager with who you will connect. Your bird type also reveals the type of job that is likely to feed rather than drain you, as well as how you will likely present yourself during the interview process.

Before the Interview:

  1. Ask yourself- which bird are you? The most successful and satisfied people are the most self-aware people.
  2. Next, use the styles to determine what that means for the job and environment. For instance, if you self-identify as a Parrot, you may ask questions about the culture to determine if they are a good cultural fit. The Parrot can ask, “Can you describe how innovation plays a role in your culture?”
  3. After determining that the company is a good cultural fit, you can then turn to the job itself. Continuing with the example of a Parrot who thrives on multi-tasking, you might ask, “When you think of someone who would be a good fit for this role, are you looking for someone who likes to work on one thing and finish it completely or would you prefer someone who can juggle multiple priorities?”

What each style needs to hear to influence the outcome of your interview:

– Eagles:  Emphasize results
– Parrots: Emphasize how exciting this will be
– Doves: Emphasize how good it will make everyone feel
– Owls: Emphasize quality


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