How Tom Brady Uses a Brain Training App to Win

by Dr. Henry W. Mahncke
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Tom Brady has done it again. In his 18 years in the NFL, he has led the Patriots to nine Super Bowls, and now has won six. More than any other player. And, at an older age.

Like most sports, football is a game of decision-based movements — with continuous demands for the right decision to be made in a split-second, amidst distraction, and under enormous pressure. This has become Brady’s trademark. It is a feat of strength of the mind, more than the body.
It’s all the more astonishing because it is well-established that, for most of us, brain performance peaks in the early 20s and then begins a steady decline.
Yet, Brady will tell you that he is in better condition today than he was a decade ago.
Brady learned about BrainHQ brain exercises five years ago from neuroscientists on his extended training team. They could see the effects of BrainHQ training in neuro-imaging. Brady could see the results on the field. He added BrainHQ to his training regimen, which became the TB12 Method, described in a book of the same name.
In that book, Brady wrote: “As a result of using BrainHQ exercises, I can see more of what’s happening, more accurately, and therefore make better decisions, faster.”
Brady’s brain exercise regimen is not just fun and games. It’s serious science – developed, tested, refined and validated by a global team of hundreds of brain scientists – and shown effective in scores or peer-reviewed publications.
The exercises focus on improving the speed and accuracy of the brain’s perceptual systems. That really matters in sports, where a win or a loss can be decided by split-seconds or inches. The cloud-based program is built with smart algorithms to personalize dozens of exercises to each user within minutes, and to continuously make micro-adjustments (based on each user’s performance) to drive brain changes.
Anyone can try training on the exercises used by Tom Brady at
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