How To Hack Your Gratitude Emotion?

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What if we learned to hack our gratitude emotion more often? Do you think we as a society would be a happier place? Why is important to do this? Well, as a behavioral specialist and life coach I help people do just that by having my clients look briefly into automatic negative thoughts. These thoughts rob us of our energy and ability to think clearly using irrational thoughts. Imagine every day you wake up in the morning and you have 1000 brain energy units, of which, 600 of them are controlled by automatic negative thoughts. Which means your brain energy units are being consumed before you even start your day! How do you reduce the amount of automatic negative thought brain energy units to bring increased clarity?

Try These Action Steps done in sequence:

  1. Get out a piece a paper or word document and draw four equally spaced columns

  2. Left column titled CURRENT THOUGHT; second column titled FEELING; next column OPPOSITE THOUGHT and fourth column NEW FEELING

  3. Write in your current thought: “I don’t like my job anymore”; assign current feeling: ANNOYED; Assign an opposite thought: “I don’t like my job anymore, because I’m not challenged enough”; Assign a new feeling: hopeful

  4. Keep repeating this process until you think and feel better

  5. Go back and review the last two statements to see if your thought/feeling has changed

Reasoning: If particular behaviors are not working you cannot continue to use the same thought, feeling and actions to create new actions and results. A new thought, new feeling and new actions will direct your journey to something new.



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