How to Be Mentally Tough Without Losing Your Emotional Intelligence

by Jason Pinchoff
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These days, emotional and mental toughness are twisted together, so we must learn our key triggers and find out exactly why we feel mentally beat.   Once we know our weak points, they become our strengths.

Since there are dozens of areas and subjects to discuss on this important topic, I wanted to take time to address one of the biggest one’s I personally feel is affecting more people than anything else currently.

The world of “Social Media” is mentally breaking us down post by post…

Regrettably this is a very new element in our emotional psyche, and I believe, because I have personally heard the stories of what it is doing to young innocent minds that use it for cyber bullying.

It’s one of the main reasons behind why I launched my fashion brand’s social awareness campaign “I DON’T DO UGLY” which is giving a voice to those facing “ugly” situations – I have seen the comments that faceless kids inflict without a second thought…    Learning to not let the ugly vibes of others makes you mentally untouchable.

In a society that now has nowhere to escape if there’s Wi-Fi I believe there are some ‘key’ tricks to stay mentally and emotionally strong when facing the faceless.


1. Remember online is not real life.  All those celebrities, models and influencers you follow are not reality.  We can get so caught up thinking it’s real that it can depress our amazing actual lives we live…   So, next time you see Drake on his private, ridiculously gorgeous, extravagant plane in which the media makes it seem he paid for, remember it was a gift as part of a major branding deal.  He might only have it for the duration of the deal – who knows, who cares. It’s nothing to be jealous about, which is what you need to start teaching yourself.

2. If you are being bullied; first remember those who bully usually have something they themselves do not know how to handle. But you must start to:

           a. Stop reading comments – that becomes a weakness.

           b. Disconnect from social media once in a while – take your mental breaks.

           c. Talk to friends – they give you strength.

A bully only holds power over your emotional intelligence until you stand up and realize just how strong and important you are… and if you are reading you… YOU ARE!

3. The thing that took me way too long to learn and actually understand was- be vulnerable, in life, not social media – learn that talking with friends or loved ones is empowering and will give you the mental strength to not let the world outside your mind beat you with false realities…

4. One of the oldest tricks is still one of the simplest and smartest ways to stay mentally and emotionally strong… exercise. Join a gym, buy a bike, get in on this Rumble boxing or get a pair of running shoes and hit the street.  Your mind is no different than any other muscle – working it out will keep it clear and strong!

5. Lastly and maybe the smartest piece of advice, – STOP following all these social media motivational speakers and channels.  They cannot motivate you like you can motivate yourself. It is all about mind games.  Tell yourself everyday you are great, you are going to achieve positive energy and most importantly set goals for yourself that have nothing to do with social media “likes” and “follows”

Live your life offline a little more… and save your money on all those motivational seminars that cost you years of saving up for someone who read a bunch of books or got in on the right investment opportunity.  Guess what, YOU are no different from them.

Once you accept that, you have control over how you feel and no one else has that power — your whole world will begin to be empowered.

Strength starts with your perspective in any situation you face.  Nothing can stop you, but you need to believe in YOU and emotionally you will always be mentally strong.  Never listen to the hype. Trust your gut.

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