Can Beer Improve Your Memory?

by Dave Farrow
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CHEERS…to a better memory!

Everyone knows that drinking too much green beer can make you forget…but can beer also improve your memory?
A recent study found that flavonoids found in the hops improved the cognitive flexibility and higher level thinking in mice. But this was only true for younger mice, not the older mice.
To read the full details of this study click: Hops in Beer May Improve Memory
Flavonoids, like those in hops, are found in many plants and vegetables that we consume. The research suggests that a healthy diet earlier in life can help kids to form memories and perform higher level thinking. This is more proof that choosing a healthy diet can definitely impact your brain and memory.

But what’s the catch?
Before you grab a case of beer and tell everyone to drink until they remember, realize that you would have to drink about 2000 liters of beer each day to get the right amount of flavonoids for it to be effective. That’s more than 500 US gallons!
The real lesson here is that a nutritious (and flavonoid-full) diet can make a big difference in your memory. Obviously you will not give beer to kids, but teaching them to eat a well-balanced diet and getting them involved with meal planning is the next best thing.
So the next time you drink a beer on the patio, remember to tell all your friends about the beer-hops-flavonoid connection to better memory!
Dave Farrow

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