Episode 98 – Dr. Heather Anne Harder

by Dave Farrow
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For over 25+ years, Heather has worked with Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits as a speaker, educator, consultant and coach. During this time she has confronted limiting attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, and practices with her inspired, occasionally controversial, and always though-provoking insights. She is recognized for her impact and lasting results in leadership strategies, business relationships, personal transformation, and compelling communication style with both the living and the deceased. Her ability to clearly articulate her views with passion and humor has made her a popular guest and brought her many media opportunities.

Dr. Harder has appeared on CNN, CSPANN, MTV, NBC news, CBS news, and was featured in a documentary on PBS as well as hundreds of radio programs across this country. Whether speaking to an individual or a group about politics, business leadership, or death and dying, Heather holds an audience. Currently, Dr. Harder is the Executive Director of a university affiliated nonprofit organization and teaches classes at several universities including University of Chicago.

VISIT: http://heatherharder.com/

Dave Farrow

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