Episode 81 – David Hua – Meadow

by Dave Farrow
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Hua is the CEO and Co-Founder of Meadow, a dispensary software management solution and Y Combinator’s first startup to operate in the cannabis space. He is an entrepreneur, problem solver, community organizer, and catalyst.

Before that he was Head of Mobile Growth at Provide Commerce and Head of Platform at Sincerely where he focused on growth and marketing.

Previously, he held the position as VP of Content at Health Central and Director of Blogger Relations at Wellsphere. In addition, he served as the manager for an indie band called Downtown Harvest.

Before that, he was VP of Marketing at Genesis Interactive (GI), a company that he helped found in 2006. GI launched GotGame, a revolutionary social gaming platform that changed the manner in which online gamers communicate, as well as discover and access content.GI had raised $1.2M through various angel networks.

Prior to working at GI, Hua, worked in the Latin American Equity Research Sales Department and was a salesman on the Institutional Foreign Exchange desk at Citigroup.

Hua is passionate about business and curious about many aspects of life. He hopes to inspire and learn from those he is connected with while spreading his positive attitude to make things happen.

Specialties: Grassroots marketing, branding and identity, creative interface design, fund raising, financial analysis, mediator, guerrilla promotions, gamer, foodie, product, usability

VISIT: https://getmeadow.com/

Dave Farrow

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