Episode 220 – Now What? Navigating the Transition Fog of Change and Uncertainty with Brenda K Reynolds

by Dave Farrow
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If you’re navigating uncertainty in your personal life or work/entrepreneurial life, this interview with author, consultant, and “now what?” expert, Brenda K. Reynolds, explores dealing with change and uncertainty. Dave and Brenda discuss how to navigate what she’s coined “transition fog.” After all, Brenda sees FOG as a Freaking Opportunity for Growth!
Brenda K. Reynolds, Founder of BKR Consulting, Inc.  is a sought-after organization and change management consultant, speaker, coach, and facilitator who has worked with hundreds of major corporations, nonprofits and organizations including Special Olympics, McDonalds and many more

This inspiring change agent draws on her extensive consulting, leadership, and personal experiences to equip audiences with easy-to-apply strategies for managing complex transitions that have the power to bring us to a complete stop when the answer to the pressing question “now what?” is not readily available.

Brenda is a “now what?” expert, TEDx speaker on Navigating Transition Fog and author of the Amazon bestseller TBD-To Be Determined: Leading with Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times She is also a regular radio and podcast guest.

As a presenter, Brenda explores critical topics with tremendous insight, honesty, warmth, and humor, using her rare ability to inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies for finding clarity in the workplace…and life space!

Brenda holds an MS in Organization Development and uses her background as a leader and consultant to bring practical, collaborative methods to complex issues.

See her TEDx talk here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JZMfUHuTo4

Learn more at BrendaKReynolds.com

Dave Farrow

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