Episode 13 – Eric Zuley – EZWay

by Dave Farrow
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Eric Zuley is a successful entrepreneur, award-winning marketing and media strategist, T.V. host and personality, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of “EZ Way” Media, which is a marketing and media firm that specializes in delivering world-class content via multiple digital platforms. Through his established relationship equity and cutting-edge marketing & media strategies, clients are able to gain access and exposure to business and entertainment relationships that generate revenue. The “EZ Way” subsidiary brands include EZWay Broadcasting, EZWay Promotions, EZ Way T.V. , EZWay Magazine, and EZWay Mobile.

Eric is ranked as one of the top ten professionals for social media influence worldwide according to Weekly Billboard Magazine.

Website: https://ericzuley.com/

Dave Farrow

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