February can be a tough month. Not only are weather conditions dreary, chilly, or unpredictable, but Valentine’s Day leaves many in the emotional cold. All the well-meaning reds, pinks, Cupids and hearts can inspire feelings of loss, sadness, and rejection. If you’re someone drowning in co-workers sharing news of flowers or posting endlessly about their significant others on social media, keep in mind that these are chosen snapshots, not an entire relationship story. These couples still have arguments, annoyances, and some may not even be together for next year’s Valentine’s Day. If the sights and sounds of Valentine’s Day put you into a sad mental and emotional headspace, a new perspective and purposeful action can help this polarizing holiday work for you.

No one should be made to feel excluded as a byproduct of greeting card stores angling to sell products and cards. Attitude is everything and one of gratitude is valuable. Don’t allow social media, irrelevant chatter, or insensitive friends/co-workers ruin your day. Use February to show those you care about that you’re there for them and to make the holiday fun and accessible for everyone.

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