How To Improve Our Mind Part 3

by Connie Rogers
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A  Powerful DIY ‘Try at Home Plan’

When my father passed away, I finally sat down and read_ Dr. Hal Huggins book, ‘It’s All In Your Head.’ So I decided taking the metal out of my teeth would be the first step towards preventing Alzheimer’s from taking up residence in my brain. This process took about nine months to complete. Whatever your first step is, make sure you focus and give it all the time you need.

Focus your path from obesity to building good gut health. Say no when someone is trying to get you to eat foods that are found to be detrimental to the health of your body and brain. You can do this by eating more veggies and fruits and ditching refined sugars, corn, and gluten-related products.  You’ll notice better sleep patterns, better energy levels, and better moods. PLUS, you may see and feel results from no more bloating, indigestion or inflammation.
Increase vitamin D levels with sunshine exposure for brain health. Safe exposure is about 15 minutes a day. Vitamin D from sunshine improves cognitive function, moods, and sleep plus can decrease pain and inflammation. “Exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation can have direct immunosuppressive effects, and according to the June 2003 Journal of Investigative Dermatology, UVR increases blood levels of natural opiates called endorphins.”(41)
Move from conventional to organic produce. Most times we aren’t aware of how many pesticides and herbicides are found inside the majority of conventional produce. Shamelessly, a conventional bell pepper is sprayed with pesticides over 700 times. To me, it’s worth the few extra pennies to buy organic.
Help prevent antibiotic resistance. Probiotics build and feed the gut with healthy bacteria. Try adding in fresh and fermented foods to your meals. These include organic garlic, ginger root, turmeric root, sprouts and raw fermented sauerkraut. Turmeric root plays a potential role in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s.
Concentrate on eating for a healthy brain. You may not realize how long your gut has been calling out for help. I didn’t know I had the power to make changes until I did. My recovery included taking a natural holistic approach for ulcerative colitis. This step took me three years.
If we eat junk and garbage during the day, we have cellular exhaustion and weakness at night. It’s time to understand the powerful world of colorful whole foods from Mother Nature’s Table. You can begin by adding in healthy fats for brain health and ditch the sweets for a good nights sleep. Avocados feed our mitochondria health and are touted for having anti-inflammatory qualities. Raw almonds are a particularly good source of α-tocopherol-a rich source of flavonoids and can reduce biomarkers of oxidative stress.(42) Avoid dehydration and drink pure, clean filtered water for the health of your brain.

Increasing magnesium levels helps with sleep. If you suspect you are low in magnesium, the best way to consume this mineral is through absorbable magnesium, which is found in organic green leafy vegetables. (Spinach & Kale) Other excellent foods high in magnesium are avocados and almonds.
Stop using endocrine disruptors in your home. Clear air pollution in the home by using non-toxic soaps, detergents, and floor cleaners. For perfumes choose organic essential oils. Throw away all dryer sheets. Clearing out pollutants helps to eliminate inflammation.
If you’re hardwired for stress, there’s a way out. No one understands the choke-hold stress has on the brain and body until its hands are lifted. Take a second to breathe and make time for self-care. You can support stress-relief with meditation, exercise, and massage therapy. Research found stress and depression are not all in our genes and meditation can flip the switch on changing and improving brain health. Meditation improves memory and immune function. Massage therapy stimulates circulation, releases toxins, and supports serotonin production. Exercise boosts our immune system and detoxification pathways through the manufacture of glutathione.
Exercise increases brain activity. Studies show people who had Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment experienced less gray matter volume reduction over time if they exercise.(43) Find what exercise you enjoy doing daily and go out and do it!
Depression. In this wonderful world of cell phone technology, depression can keep us on the path of disconnecting from family and friends. You may want to practice going within by maintaining a journal on what times of day or night you feel depressed. This is key to identify food, dehydration or emotional triggers. It’s also important to include a plan to increase movement and ditch a sedentary lifestyle.
I know you can do all these steps… because I have!
Conclusion: Alzheimer’s is not a death sentence when we take heed and decrease toxic exposures, work through mood changes with food changes and get the support we need from a certified health coach. This DIY home plan is a great way to begin rebuilding immunity for an optimally healthy brain. Remember, the immune system can be a confused system, and it may have taken years of poor habits to get you where you are today.
Just taking an active step in reducing toxic exposures and increasing movement creates a more energetic, vibrant, and youthful you. Why Wait?  Choose your path and believe in your recovery.






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