Are you battling stress or going through a difficult season of life?

Are your days filled with schedules that you must follow, deadlines you have to meet, or an unending barrage of tasks?

If so, you probably need to de-stress.

Are you using words and statements that motivate and encourage you to do your best and live as your highest self?

Or are your thoughts and words overly critical and cynical?

Well, rest, relief, and relaxation can be found by incorporating positive affirmations into a simple meditation.

But, first…

We use thoughts and ideas to control our bodies.  So, if our thoughts and ideas are constantly negative, then we will experience stress, fatigue, and depression.  However, if we incorporate positive affirmations into daily practices, then we will take control of stress and train our brain to think more healthy thoughts.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are present-tense, constructive statements that you say about yourself, to yourself.  With confidence and fervor, positive affirmations confirm the thoughts and ideas that you visualize in your mind; the way to feel and react in certain situations. These statements reflect your ideal self, your ideal family, and your ideal life.

Positive affirmations can increase your belief and confidence in your ability to handle life.  When repeated with authority, they can reduce your stress level, kill ungratefulness, increase focus and creativity, and bring about a calmer attitude and better health.

How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

As unbelievable as it may sound, repeating affirmations can change your life.  Just imagine being your own cheerleader or your most-supportive friend.  Imagine life going more smoothly and being less stressful.  When you incorporate positive affirmations into your thought-life, positive feelings increase, and healthier behaviors develop.

Now, think about when you’re taxed from a hard day’s work; feeling grumpy and exhausted.  If you don’t incorporate positive affirmations into your thought life, then negativity increases, and things seem to get worse.  You’re also more likely to engage in behaviors that are self-destructive.  Chronic stress and negativity can, then, causes physical symptoms and health issues.

How Can You Make Positive Affirmations Work for You?

There are things that can enhance the power of positive affirmations in reducing stress.  You can increase your ability to cope with difficult situations and circumstances.  Follow these simple guidelines:

Using Positive Affirmations to De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

Along with other positive affirmations that generally increase the positivity in your life, below are some simple, yet amazing affirmations that are specifically worded for you to quickly release stress when you’re overwhelmed.

Here’s what to do:

1. Take 3 heart-focused, deep breathes. Breathe in through your nose for 2 seconds and breathe out through your mouth for 3 seconds.

2. Visualize yourself reducing stress from your mind by thinking thoughts of love, joy, and peace. Imagine tension and anxiety being removed from your body.

3. Choose several positive affirmations to recite to yourself. Repeat until 3 minutes have passed.

4. When you come to the end of 3 minutes, say, Thank You!

When you repeat these affirmations to yourself, you will be able to find peace, relax more swiftly, and increase your vitality.  Happy de-stressing!

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