Cram it in one ear and it goes right out the other

by Dave Farrow
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Why “Cramming” Doesn’t Work

The graphic below from drives home some important points I’ve been making to colleges students all across the country. I’ve taken the best and listed them here:
  1. Most of the ‘forgetting’ happens right after you learn something.
  2. You lose half of what you learned within a few days unless the information is reviewed.
  3. The more you review something the stronger you’ll make the memory and the longer you’ll retain it.
  4. Expose yourself to the same information repeatedly and you’ll be able to pull it from your long-term memory quicker.

This is typical of rote memory and exactly why ‘cramming’ doesn’t work. By learning some simple but powerful memory techniques, any student can improve their retention by leaps and bounds. With learned memory techniques (like Focus Bursts) and regular review, you can double and triple the amount of time before it fades and retain even more.
The bottom line is when you cram, the information only stays in your memory for a few days at best – and often just a few minutes! Like your mom used to say – or was that my mom? – It just goes in one ear and right out the other. You’re just going to have to cram again,,, and again… and again and still with little to no long term benefit.
Instead, learning my alternative methods of memorizing and how to do regular reviews that can stretch out that memory curve, will help you retain information longer and avoid the need to cram. You’ll be more confident in your studies and your ability to retain. Your learning will be less stress-based because you’ll be mastering a skill that will last you a lifetime!
Dave Farrow

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