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by Shanti Prem
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Nine years ago, I decided that I would no longer watch the news. For obvious reasons, I didn’t want to have the fears, opinions, and beliefs that I did not share, imbedded in my mind.  I didn’t want to walk around with fears that I did not share based off of news segments.  Fast forward nine years later and I have been working still, on clearing my mind of the same past beliefs, opinions, and fears that have been embedded in my mind, but this time by me. I didn’t realize that I was creating in my mind exactly what I did not want to see on television.

My active mind

Creating scenarios that may have happened, may happen, or what I thought should happen, took up most of my day especially when none of them were actually happening in that moment.  I realized that I was walking around as a whole channel whatever news in my head.  60-70{44c8773cfc5435cd81ad20e0c4d9124b8149e87e023df21bb722cbe5a8d7cc51} of what my mind consisted of was not actually happening nor did I want to happen in the future.

Acknowledging this percentage

Observing my thoughts showed a huge amount of laziness on my part.  Laziness in the sense that I knew that I could think otherwise but relied upon what I was used to and comfortable with. Being honest with myself and admitting that in each moment, I could be doing better was the first step towards a much happier life.

Writing down the things you want

I got clear about what I really wanted like the amount of money, relationship or career I desired. From there, I wrote down the emotions that were behind each of my desires. They were the feelings of Freedom, Happiness, Calm, Ease and love.  All of which were easily attainable in every moment.

Constant reminders

I wanted to simplify my list so I wrote three words down on a post-it note and put them in my car and other areas. The three words were: Love, loving and Freedom. This is what I wanted to embody more throughout the day. Placing them in different areas were a constant reminder to myself because let’s face it, other things have been getting my attention.

Social media

Using social media for me was about putting out and receiving positive information. So I decided there will be no more scrolling and viewing things that did not represent the life I wanted and intended to have no matter how interesting it appeared. Staying focused on my desires and good feelings had to take paramount.


At times, being a “positive” person can cause you to judge things that you may not hold in a high manner and then your attention is to view them as “negative”. This too can take up a lot of unnecessary headspace. Allowing people and things to be as they are and not needing anything to change to make you happy will take some getting used to, but the growth you will receive will be limitless.

Challenge yourself

Throughout the day, look for things you enjoy. There will be moments of what you don’t want but use those moments only to get clearer about what you do want. Staying longer in what I do want thoughts will weed away those unwanted stories. This will help you to focus more on your now moments. And isn’t that all we really ever have, is now.

Channel mind news

Be the journalist of your mind that gets to decide what you are going to focus on. Hey, you may be the one that gets to create what the world needs to see. Until then, this is your channel mind news.

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