Brains Behind It- Zahir Dossa- Function of Beauty

by Dave Farrow
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Dr. Zahir Dossa is the co-founder and CEO of Function of Beauty, a personalized hair care company that individually formulates shampoo and conditioner based on ones hair type, goals and preferences. Zahir excels at web development and design, which are his focus areas at Function of Beauty in addition to directing its overarching strategy.
Zahir is a graduate of MIT, earning two BS degrees in computer science and management (2008), an MEng, in computer science (2010) and a PhD in sustainability (2013). After graduating, Zahir received a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Sustainability at the IMD Business School in Switzerland, where he co-authored a book on sustainable business models. Zahir’s research focused on the role of internet-based technologies in transforming value chains, which eventually led him to found Function of Beauty.


Dave Farrow

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