Brains Behind It- Wolf & Shepherd

by Dave Farrow
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Justin Schneider is the founder and originator of the concept for our shoes. As a track and field athlete for Notre Dame, Justin became familiar with high performance footwear. Upon graduation, he began working for Adidas, designing shoes for athletes utilizing the latest performance technology. During this time, Justin had a conversation with a friend about a problem that was far too common in the professional world; uncomfortable dress shoes. Instead of forcing yourself to wear uncomfortable dress shoes all day, or switching to sneakers in-between, why not just mold together the best of each shoe? Justin mocked up the first W&S prototype by gluing the foam heel of his running shoe to the sole of an old pair of dress shoes. Now crafted in Europe, using American manufactured comfort technology, Wolf & Shepherd is redefining the modern dress shoe.


Dave Farrow

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