Brains Behind It- Tyler McNaney-Filabot

by Dave Farrow
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CEO & Growth Hacker, Filabot.

Tyler grew up in Vermont and has been tinkering his whole life. He first went to Vermont Technical College in 2011 but dropped out to pursue Filabot. After successfully funding the Filabot on Kickstarter he’s invented, refined and run the business ever since. Tyler can be seen in the office, at the warehouse doing everything from running marketing meetings to helping design the latest products using CAD software. When he isn’t working, Tyler enjoys long walks and spending time with his family in Northern Vermont. When he isn’t doing that, he’s inventing more things, building more projects and having a great time doing it all.
Filabot is an industry-leading research and development company. They are staffed with a team of engineers committed to advancing the science of plastic extrusion for the 3D market. Their Vermont facility is outfitted with the machining and laboratory equipment necessary to prototype, test, and continuously advance systems to meet the ever-evolving needs of clients.
Dave Farrow

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