Brains Behind It- Shawn Shewchuk – Best-Selling Author and International Speaker

by Dave Farrow
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For nearly 25 years Shawn Shewchuk has been delivering results, and is widely regarded as the Country’s #1 Results Coach.
Shawn is also a serial entrepreneur with a track record of success in the business realm. Shawn has launched, operated and profited from 43 companies in a diverse cross section of professions and verticals.
Shawn is the Author of the best selling book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Results – #1 Proven Success Strategies and has appeared in the movies, Game Changer and One Minute Success System with Brian Tracy.
Accelerate your results! Shawn has developed proprietary and strategic processes that have proven successful in delivering exceptional and practical solutions.
Compress time frames, synergize and promote growth.
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