Brains Behind It- Scott Sorenson- Gunnar Optiks

by Dave Farrow
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President of Gunnar Optiks
Leading edge marketing executive with over eighteen years experience in brand strategy and global development. Proven record of creating and executing unique business and marketing strategies and initiatives to produce consistent exceptional brand results worldwide. Ability to focus energies on rapid analysis of market conditions leading to effective short-term and long-term growth solutions. Strong management of external resources for project-to-project or retainer based partnerships. Almost two decades of consumer product marketing and Action Sports product marketing.
Other Successes:
• Integral executive role in the development of a start-up company through company sale
• Key role as General Manager and VP of Marketing in 3 corporate merger
• Successful global marketing management in 55 countries
• Skilled success in evaluating and rebuilding a brand(s) position, direction and value
• Negotiated numerous endorsee contracts for celebrity/athlete ambassadors
• Pioneer in Artist – Product collaborations in consumer products
• Effective building of business strategic alliances with numerous companies like Narragansett Beer, UBI Soft, XboX, EA sports, Sony, JVC, Nintendo, HBO and Mazda just to name a few
• Driver and developer of brand strategic charitable alliances to help the men and women of the armed forces with the, Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Stars and Stripes Foundation – And to help 3rd world countries with
• Directed 100’s of product launch strategies from development to market launch
• Outstanding Leadership


Dave Farrow

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