Brains Behind It- Obi Anachebe- FitGenie

by Dave Farrow
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Co-founder, FitGenie.
An app that uses a database of 5 million+ foods and the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide curated nutrition plans that evolve with you.
Obi is a self-starter with a passion for diversifying his knowledge and skills. He lives to positively impact whoever he can through nutrition, mentorship, and technology. Led 6-person team in the development of mobile app, business model, and marketing plan for FitGenie. Worked with co-founders to write Artificial Intelligence algorithms to simulate a personal nutritionist providing curated nutrition plans that evolve with users.
Designed and developed front end UI components and animations. Leveraged iOS local databasing architectures to setup offline usage and background syncing with a REST API. Implemented Crashlytics and Google Analytics to optimize UI/UX design.
Backed by Georgia Tech’s Startup Summer program.
Dave Farrow

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