Brains Behind It- Jack McNamara Tru, Inc.

by Dave Farrow
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Founder & CEO at Tru, Inc.
Former professional hockey player
Contributor at Entrepreneur, Fortune, and Startup Grind
About: Infused with green tea caffeine, five major electrolytes, and ten essential vitamins, TruEnergy is a sports energy shot that helps you feel good and perform better. It re-energizes, re-hydrates, and revitalizes better than the competition. TruEnergy targets athletes and active lifestyle individuals and is the premiere product line out of Tru, Inc.
“As former pro and college athletes, we realized teammates were doing anything to gain an edge; sports drinks, energy shots, vitamins, and supplements. These same guys were complaining about getting the jitters at the beginning of the game and crashing towards the end of the game, so with help, we developed a healthier, more logical option. Caffeinated with green tea and sweetened naturally, TruEnergy is an energy shot infused with vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants to help athletes perform better. Tru, Inc. has graduated from both Startup52 and Food-X, a global food based accelerator backed by SOSV (VC Firm), and successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign. The innovative formula is complimented by a modern transparent rectangular bottle. We are creating products for the nutrition of tomorrow.”
Dave Farrow

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