Brains Behind It- Greg Jacobson – Author, “Think Yourself Happy”

by Dave Farrow
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It started out being all about me, what would make me happy? At 25 I met Rocky, the love of my life and we started a family right away, and it was all about us. Tanner, Dillon, and Austin I couldn’t be prouder. I became an excellent provider earning lots of money, and gave them all that they could want. I founded and built a company that would become worth more than 100 million dollars within 7 years. But that didn’t make me happy or fulfilled so I did what any level headed, rational person would do… I walked away.
Eventually the business disintegrated, as do all things that aren’t taken care of properly. Somehow, I didn’t see it coming or prepare and the financial winter hit us hard and lasted a long time. This was not easy, but the best thing that could have happened to my family and myself. We looked inward and found the happiness that was missing. We realized how lucky we all are and started becoming more grateful and noticing more of the love and beauty surrounding us.
I believe:
Nothing is more important than feeling good about who you are, what you are doing in your life, and the people you are doing it with.
You are in direct control of making your life outstanding, but first you must learn a system to achieve that vision. For me, inspiring others to do what truly inspires them is Happily Achieving.
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