Brains Behind It- Ginny A. Baro – Author, “Fearless Women at Work”

by Dave Farrow
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Dr. Ginny Baro is an international certified executive coach, #1 bestselling author of Fearless Women at Work, motivational speaker, and leadership expert.  She is the CEO and founder of Fearless Women @Work™, an executive coaching and career strategy company that offers proven techniques and tactics to help talented professionals to develop as leaders in business and life.
Armed with more than 26 years of experience working in competitive corporate environments in financial services and technology in the New York City area, she is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and facilitator for teams and leaders at all levels of management.
Before starting her own business, Ginny held leadership roles for over 20 years, including various Director level roles at a private asset management firm, where she worked for more than 16 years.  Before that, she was a Senior Software Engineer at Alliance Bernstein and a Systems Manager at Prudential.
Ginny’s academic degrees include a Ph.D. in Information Systems, an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in Management, and a BA in Computer Science and Economics.
When Ginny is not coaching, speaking, or networking, she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her school-aged son and cheering on his team at the baseball field or basketball court. An avid traveler, Ginny takes delight in exploring destinations around the world with family and friends, experiencing foreign foods, music, and culture, and connecting with interesting people in all walks of life.
During her downtime, she can be found at her local yoga studio, meditating, walking and hiking, taking photos, watching movies, reading and writing.  Awarded Best Shower Singer by her classmates freshmen year in college, she loves to sing and dance as if no one is watching.
A curious person and optimist at heart, she’s a practical life scientist and life-long student who believes everything is possible with intention and attention, an open heart and willingness to give and receive.
Born and raised in the Dominican Republic before she moved to the U.S. at age fourteen, Ginny appreciates the primary role education played in her life in helping her to transcend generations of poverty and realize her life dreams of becoming a successful professional woman.
Ginny is committed to paying it forward by mentoring and being a role model for underrepresented youth.  She has renewed her commitment to this cause by contributing a portion of the profits from her business and books to helping children across the globe obtain an education and sustainable sources of food and shelter.  She works closely with the Unstoppable Foundation and other non-profit organizations to do just that.


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