Brains Behind It Episode 37- Jake Danehy Fair Harbor Clothing

by Dave Farrow
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 CEO & Founder at Fair Harbor Clothing
Sibling duo Jake and Caroline Danehy grew up in Westchester, NY about an hour away from Fair Harbor, Fire Island. While visiting there frequently, they started to notice more and more plastic waste on the island and just had to do something about it. They wanted to make a product that is both consumer and environmentally friendly and what better way than to make board shorts out of plastic bottles!
“Fair Harbor is a lifestyle brand that is based on the idea of the simplicity of summer and our dedication to the environment. We make men’s bathing suits out of recycled water bottles, using proven, high quality yarn. Every year 50 billion plastic bottles are discarded after just one use. These water bottles end up in landfills, the oceans, or are burned. Because of this, we believe that plastic bottles should be recycled, melted down, and turned into products that can be worn/used everyday. It is our mission to create a high quality performance product that embodies the pureness and simplicity of Fair Harbor.”


Dave Farrow

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