Brains Behind It- Deako- Derek Richardson

by Dave Farrow
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Richardson is an entrepreneur, CEO and founder of a high-tech hardware startup who has fifteen years of high-tech experience in a variety of roles from Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Executive Management. He holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Richardson incubated a new hardware startup business that delivered $49M of revenue at 75{44c8773cfc5435cd81ad20e0c4d9124b8149e87e023df21bb722cbe5a8d7cc51} Gross Margin in 2 years.
Like most great inventions, Deako was founded out of a simple need. The need for connected lighting to function well, look terrific and not cost a fortune. After researching and living with partial solutions, we realized people really needed an easily upgradable lighting system. People also needed to be able to control the switches with or without their mobile device. The team set about making the idea into a tangible reality—and making it look beautiful while being affordable. So, Deako was born and it has been lighting up eyes and homes ever since.

Dave Farrow

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