Brains Behind It- Clemens Grave- Finnest

by Dave Farrow
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After graduating from Brown with a MS degree from the school of Engineering, Grave decided to found Finnest. He realized that there was a drastic need for people to better understand the value of money at a young age so they can earlier realize the implications of investing or taking a loan.
Finnest is a consumer first mobile banking application and secured debit card that helps school kids to experience the world of digital money by letting them participate in it. Learning how to handle money is an experimental process rather than a tutorial one. Finnest provides this “learning by doing” training by guiding kids and their parents with the app as they earn, save and responsibly spend money.
Finnest was recently a Finalist MassChallenge 2017 and is now part of the DCU FinTech Lab in Boston
American Inno’s “Rhode Island 50 on Fire” Award
Winner of the Tech Category @ “50 on Fire”


“While quite obvious my heart beats faster with cars, I decided to build a mobile banking platform. Financial Technology is extremely fascinating and there is lots of room to innovate in this quite corroded industry of retail banking. With the help educators and a neuroscientist in the team we built an entire platform from scratch that is easy and fun to use for kids and their parents including features around automation, data analysis and gamification, all in a real money environment. If we really want to improve financial capability amongst people we have to build solutions that shape the right behavior instead of trying to change it later in life.”


Dave Farrow

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