Brains Behind It- Chris Castiglione- One Month

by Dave Farrow
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Chris Castiglione is the co-founder of One Month (an online school for entrepreneurs), and the host of the On Books podcast. He has taught at Columbia University and has written for, Crawdaddy Magazine, and Thought Catalog
About One Month: Learn how to code websites, build apps, and grow your business. Join over 50,000 entrepreneurs who are turning their ideas into reality.
Our mission is to change people’s lives all over the world by delivering high-quality educational content at a fraction of the cost of traditional universities at scale through online learning.
One Month was started by two teachers and self-learners who worked with thousands of students before deciding to start a company together. Over the years spent learning and teaching, we developed educational tools that give us an advantage in running online learning courses.
Our online training classes consist of the most entertaining, easy-to-follow video lessons with some of the best online teachers as well as on-demand mentors to answer questions or help you troubleshoot.


Dave Farrow

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