Brains Behind It- Chelsea Brownridge- Dog Parker

by Dave Farrow
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A DogSpot is a smart sidewalk sanctuary, providing your dog a safe and cozy home away from home while you briefly go somewhere they aren’t allowed. With DogSpot, you don’t have to choose between adventures and spending time with your dog. You have the freedom to live your life with you dog… without having to take risks like tying them up or leaving them in the car.
Chelsea Brownridge has had dogs her whole life, but it wasn’t until moving from North Carolina to Brooklyn with her current dog, Winston, that she realized just how often dog owners have to leave their furry friends at home. Planning a day of walking around Prospect Park, she realized that if the trip were to include even a quick stop at a coffee shop, Winston wouldn’t be able to come along. By law, shops that serve food generally don’t allow pets. “Why hasn’t this been solved?,” Brownridge asked herself. “I was shocked to find that nobody had.”

“The inspiration for DogSpot started with my dog, Winston, a terrier mix rescue who lives with me in Brooklyn. Winston is extremely high-energy and suffers from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). For a long time, it was difficult taking Winston around the city with me because so many places don’t allow dogs inside. I wouldn’t tie him up because, like many, I worried he’d get loose, get scared, or be stolen. Sometimes, Winston needed to stay home more often than either of us wanted just because I’d go into a store for a few minutes where he wasn’t allowed. I hated that Winston and I were missing out on lots of extra walks and adventures together. It made me sad to see his disappointed face as I left the apartment right after getting home from work to run errands, leaving him behind again. Eventually, I realized if Winston and I faced these challenges, then millions of other pet parents shared this experience when it came to spending more time with their dogs.”
Dave Farrow

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