Brains Behind It- Chad Chesmark- Author, “The Law Of Attraction”

by Dave Farrow
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Chad turns, potentially boring, company banquets, and trade show exhibits into interactive, engaging, and effective, experiences. He does this for companies who want to create a great environment at their event or get the best ROI out or exhibiting at a trade show. The tools he uses are magic, mind reading & hypnoisis.
Chad specializes in uniting people at corporate events and trade shows by creating unforgettable, customized, magic & mind-reading presentations – Powerful presentations that create memories that are forged into the attendees’ mind with your brand as the backdrop.
Chad’s customized magic presentations will bring previously unimaginable levels of energy and excitement to your event or trade show booth. He blends award-winning sleight-of-hand magic, humor and his experience as a 17-year headlining entertainer for 5 major cruise lines, to bring your guests a powerful, entertaining, and memorable experience.
Chad’s 45-60 minute stage presentation, which can be customized to your group, will have your guests laughing out loud while they experience hilarious demonstrations in magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship. This clean comedy show has a ton of audience interaction, will have your guests on the edge of their seats, and ends with a standing ovation.
If you’re seeking a more intimate performance, Chad’s award-winning, close-up magic presentations, are an excellent way to amplify your hospitality suite or social hour. Here, Chad will circulate with your guests from table to table, or from group to group, while entertaining with humorous, mind-blowing magic. His presence at your event will put the “social” into your social hour and encourage attendees to network, mingle and enjoy themselves. (Close-Up Magic can be used on its own or in combination with a stage presentation).
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