Brains Behind It- Brett Bernstein- Gatsby

by Dave Farrow
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Co-founder and CEO of Gatsby.
Previously, Bernstein was a product marketing manager at HONK Technologies, Product Marketing Manager at Box, and co-founder of Natural Cravings.
Bernstein holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California Polytechnic State University.
Gatsby is the platform for sleeker, smarter promotions. Gatsby introduces you to your most social customers, for a more authentic approach to influencer marketing. With the use of an easily installed custom button on your website, Gatsby connects you directly with real customers. It works by offering a simple promotion or giveaway that captures your visitors’ email addresses and social media profiles. It then sends out some automated emails to increase conversions and introduce you those customers with a large social following. A win-win all around.


Dave Farrow

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