Brains Behind It- Brad Cordova- TrueMotion

by Dave Farrow
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Cordova is the Chief Technology Officer at TrueMotion, inc. His passion started after a heartbreaking accident when a driver on their cell phone rear ended Cordova’s hyundai, causing him severe concussions and headaches in the years to come. After his recovery, he won a scholarship to Notre Dame, where he majored in physics and math. While working toward a Ph.D. in computer science and electrical engineering at MIT in 2012, he took an entrepreneurship class where he met Joe Adelmann, a former Air Force engineer. They bonded over their interest in driver safety, and after learning that auto insurers were tracking policyholders’ driving habits, they decided to start a company that could collect safety data through a mobile app. Cordova is now on Forbes list of 30 Under 30 – Enterprise Technology
TrueMotion (formerly Censio) is shaping the future of driving safety – through data and technology – while redefining how insurance is priced and delivered. TrueMotion’s technology platform enables insurance companies to distinguish between safe and risky drivers, reward safe drivers with discounts on their insurance and help reduce the number of driving accidents, leading to safer roads for all.



Dave Farrow

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