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by Dave Farrow
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Native to Milan, Italy
“I made my way to the United States only after high school to attend Santa Monica College. After a few years, I transferred to the University of Southern California, where I graduated with a Bachelors in International Relations & Global Business. From Italy to Santa Monica to Los Angeles in the course of a few years…seems easy, right? Not so much. To say that I was apprehensive of the 6000-mile journey from home is an understatement; the idea of building a new life in a new city, let alone new country, was intimidating! However, as I built friendships and settled into my new home, becoming a local felt natural. What was once a city of exploration soon became my home, and I began to share my familiarity of Los Angeles with fellow students who reminded me of, well, me. By suggesting housing options and locations based on hobbies, passions and convenience, I realized how valuable a local’s help is to a new person in town. This is why I created Smoove.”

Smoove is an app that facilitates the transition into Los Angeles by providing options tailored to your needs. Smoove starts at the beginning and ends at the end; we meet you at the airport arrival terminal and part ways when you’ve seen what LA offers. Smoove is more than a guide around the L.A. housing scene; it is a friendly support system to navigate the disorientation felt during relocation.

Dave Farrow

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