Past experience at Humble Brands, @Bonobos, Berkshire Partners, @NBA, and Bain & Co; Stanford MBA. Father, husband, brother, son.
Rinse is creating a seamless dry cleaning & laundry experience for our customers through a combination of technology, incredible customer service, and strong back-end partnerships.

VISIT: https://www.rinse.com/

“In early 2013, my co-founder James Joun came to me with the idea of starting a company in clothing care and the story of Rinse began. James has been one of my best friends since college (I’ve known him for 18 years now), and has always been someone I viewed as a potential co-founder. He also had the unique advantage of being raised in dry cleaning. He wanted to start a company to help address the pain points of existing dry cleaners, which he understood intimately. At the same time, I was already working on a few ideas to remove friction from the customer experience of necessary and recurring services. Over breakfast at Union Cafe in Cow Hollow, Rinse was born.”

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