Biohacking- A New Buzzword?

by Ashlie Walton
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Biohacking is a term that I was introduced to while reading Headstrong by Dave Asprey. Dave explains the term by stating simply that it is the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves [].

While coaching my clients, I have found that no better resources exist than those that are present within them. The problem for many is that we were never taught how to properly tap into these tools.

Have you ever struggled with clarity and focus? I have experienced many times in the past when I forgot someone’s name just as quickly as they told me it. There have also been times when I have found my mind drifting so far away from my current conversation that I couldn’t even tell you what was just said. It’s problems like this that disengage us from life and prevent us from functioning at our full capacity.

When I started training at the Human Potential Institute, founder and faculty member Dr. Mark Atkinson [] blew my mind with his easy-to-follow instructions on how to center yourself. This tool that I am about to share with you helps to bring your focus out of your head so that you can truly engage with and experience life. For many of us, there is a constant chatter that exists in our mind. We often never know how to shut it off. This results in a lack of focus, clarity and full engagement. Following these steps will show you have to get immediate results so that you can live life outside of your head, perhaps for the first time in your life.

I want to point out that this is a tool that I learned from Dr. Mark and I believe that there are benefits here that we can all use.

Self-Centering Tool

Step 1: Close your eyes

Step 2: Take in a deep breath and exhale fully

Step 3: Focus on your breathing without adjusting your rhythm. This should not require any effort on your part

Step 4: Count down from five…Five…four…

Step 5: As you begin to count down, see your breath expand into your belly. Three…Two…

Step 6: When you reach the end of your countdown, bring your full awareness down to the bottom of your belly. All of your attention focus on your breath and awareness should be on the bottom of your stomach as soon as you reach One.

Step 7: Open your eyes

Step 8: Keep your attention on your lower belly when you are communicating with someone, when you are working on something important or when you find that your mental chatter won’t stop.

Step 9: Practice this as often as you can.

The first time that I understood how to do this, I became addicted. I now use this tool every single time that I am speaking with someone else. The amount of focus and attention that I have with those that I speak to is profound. I remember every single detail of my conversations now. This ‘hack’ also allows me to focus on other elements of the conversation, such as body language.

I would encourage you to try this when you are with someone else so that you can see just how altered your engagement experience is.

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