Sleep is a restorative process, when we don’t get enough, toxins recycle and premature aging of the brain increases. Below are nine reasons to sleep smarter.


  1. Insomnia and it’s toxic footprint leaves the body unable to repair damages.
  2. “Sleep reduction is associated with weight gain,(11) because hunger cues are thrown off.
  3. Sleep disorders are a core symptom of depression, stress, and prevents quality of life_ by increasing glucose intolerance, dementia and Alzheimer’s.(12)
  4. Brain Fog is increased when we lack sleep. This includes lost efficiency and poor performance at work.
  5. There are significant deficits in gray matter when we suffer from chronic insomnia.(13)
  6. Lack of sleep disrupts our neurotransmitters, noradrenaline, and dopamine levels.
  7. Insomnia disrupts all elimination systems.
  8. Insomnia disrupts testosterone levels.(14)
  9. Restorative sleep is needed to maintain brain immunity.




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