4 Steps to Get Moving, Get Mindful, and Lift Your Mood

by William Pullen
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 Anxiety, anger, fearfulness, depression got you down? Then get up. Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) uses the freeing energy of movement and the healing power of self-awareness. You don’t actually have to run to do it.

Mindfulness doubles its power when we’re also physically covering distance: as we move, we can see how far we’ve come. It creates a sense of accomplishment and confidence. The more we move, the more energy and strength we build. Soon we’re increasing our distance from emotional pain.

Learn to move beyond low moods, anxiety, anger, fearfulness or depression in 4 simple steps:

  1. Allow feelings to surface and pass. Movement will shake up buried emotions, so prepare yourself. Let feelings rise, but don’t try to grapple with them. Just notice they’re on your mind, be aware of them, and then let them pass on by naturally.
  1. Don’t rush it. DRT works whether you can polish off 4 miles at a rapid clip or half a mile at a slow walk. If it’s been a while, just enjoy the freedom of moving again. Your ambition shouldn’t be launching into a fitness binge. You’re there to wake up your body and get the blood flowing.
  1. Listen to your body. How you walk or run may reflect how you’re moving through other situations, such as relationships or work. Are you quick to start but quick to tire? Do you keep a consistent pace or save energy for a finishing sprint? Are you slumped with the weight of the world, or is there a spring in your step? Mindful movement includes learning what your moving style says about how you address the rest of your life.


  1. Don’t overdo it. If you push yourself too hard you’ll create more stress and anxiety — and that’s not what mindful moving is about. Find a comfortable pace, and stick with it from beginning to end. You want to be present in the movement, and aware of yourself. That’s when the healing can start.
Movement is in our DNA, hardwired into our own instincts. Returning to that essential state can help us overcome so many emotional hurdles. It gives us a physical context — a sense of truly passing through time and space — that helps us shift perspective, raise our mood, and return to a place of hope, energy, and possibility. True healing takes body and mind working in harmony, best achieved on the move.



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