Three 20-minute Hacks Anyone Can Do Everyday

by Dr. Jeffery Martin
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 Everyone wants to relax! Here’s a few short hacks you can do daily:

1. Use a Mantra 

Silently repeat Love, Peace or another word or phrase for 20 minutes in the morning. Choose a word that is likely to psychologically prime you in the right direction for the day. Pause each time you think the word, wait for its afterglow to fade, and then repeat it. When your mind drifts, just bring your attention back and say the word again. Drifts happen because of a core rhythm in the brain, and they are nothing to get frustrated about. After a while the brain will settle in. Since you are “doing something”, this mini-meditation can be good for busy teens.
2. Focus on Your Breath
For some, using a mantra just doesn’t work. If you’re one of these people, a good option is to simply follow your breath. Focus on either how the breath feels flowing into and out of your nostrils, or the rise and fall of chest or belly while you breathe. It may help initially to mentally note ‘in’ and ‘out’, but you can drop this after a while. The key is to try not to change the breath, just watch it as your body breathes in and out.
3. Post Workout Brain Stretch
One of the benefits of exercise is increased neuroplasticity. In other words, your brain is primed for its own workout after you finish your physical one. Scheduling some time for meditation immediately after you exercise allows you to take maximum advantage of the effects it can provide.



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